Dance Styles:

We specialize and offer regular classes in the following styles of dance:

GET HEP SWING, Ltd is strictly a SWING dance company specializing in the swing dances popular from the 20's to the 50's. The following classes/workshops are available: (all classes listed can be taught at the beginner level to advanced)

Please see LESSONS for the current classes and workshops being offered.

5 week sessions are offered for the following classes at various locations:

6 Count Jitterbug - offered every session!

This is the class to get you started. Basic footwork, hep moves, and lead follow skills are taught. A six-count dance that evolved from the Lindy Hop into its own dance during the 40's. This is the style that is perhaps the most well known the world over.

Savoy Style Lindy Hop - offered every session!

This is the grandfather of all swing dances. Originating in the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, NY, this dance really swings, allowing you to add your own personality to the dance.

Swing III

A special mix of 6-count and 8-count patterns combining the fundamentals of connection and counter balance used for all forms of dance. Smooth style Lindy and other dance forms will be fused with other movements. Focus on this class will be body awareness for both lead and follow as well as cool new footwork variations.


Learn to dance to slower tempos of jazz and related music. Classes will focus on connection, footwork, and musicality.

Balboa / Bal-Swing

A smooth eight count dance done in a tightly closed position with subtle and intricate footwork. This dance originated in Southern California. We teach the Maxie Dorf style of Balboa. Maxie was responsible for the creation of Bal-Swing - a combination of basic Balboa and fancy moves sending your partner out and around!

Tandem (or In Line or Back) Charleston

The Charleston in the 30's and 40's became more linear with new variations and moves added. 8 count patterns with the trademark Charleston kicks can be learned by anyone at any level.

Smooth Style Lindy - offered in specialty workshops and in Swing III

Dean Collins learned Lindy at the Savoy ballroom and brought his own style to the Hollywood screens in the 30's and 40's. Sometimes known as Hollywood or Dean Collins style, this Lindy variation is a must for you movie buffs! Traditionally the dance moves on a slot and combines six and eight count rhythms using triple steps. There are many footwork patterns or breakaways you can incorporate as well.

Periodic workshops are also available in the following:

20's Charleston Routines

The Charleston was all the rage in the 20's and there are hundreds of steps to learn. Swing evolved directly from the Charleston, and much of its influence can still be seen today in the Lindy Hop. We put our favorite steps together and teach individuals the routines. No partner is required for a Charleston routine - just twist and flap to the beat with your fancy feet!

Couples 20's Charleston

They just had to dance together back then so various partnered steps were created using the basic 20's Charleston twisting footwork.

St Louis Shag

Similar to side by side Charleston with a few fancy tricks of its own.

Collegiate Shag

While the Lindy Hop was all the rage in New York in the late 20's/early 30's the rest of America was busy dancing the SHAG. This kicky, aerobic dance will get your heart pumping with various footwork variations that are fast and fancy. This dance works well with up-tempo swing music.

Dips & Tricks

Flashy earthbound moves recommended for those that have their swing basics solid. Partners are required for these classes.

Social Aerials

Company Disclaimer: You should never do an aerial on a crowded dance floor - bad things can happen! There are aerials that can be performed in a small amount of space safely with your partner. A nice addition for your swing dancing. Partners are required. Recommended for those with a FIRM grasp of the basics.

Performance Aerials

Company Disclaimer: NEVER do a big aerial on a crowded dance floor! These aerials are intended for performances of swing jams. We have mats and can teach you how to perform these BIG moves safely. Partners are required - recommended for more advanced dancers. Private lessons only. No workshops or classes

Shim Sham

This swing line dance was created in 1932 and is done in every swing community. Learn this routine and join us in the next Shim Sham dance.

Dean Collins' Shim Sham

Dean Collins added his own special flair to the basic Shim Sham with his tap and smooth Lindy background. Learn the Tap Shim Sham steps, the Boogie Routine, and Savoy Kicks in this 'way cool' variation..

Jitterbug Stroll

A swing line dance created in the 80's by Ryan Francois. Learn the Boogie Forward/Back, Shorty Georgy, Suzy-Q, and Tic Tocs. Great jazz movements that you can add to your swing dancing.

The Madison

A silly line dance created in the 50's (check out the movie Hairspray for a variation of the Madison). Learn the Rifleman, Jacki Gleason, Birdland and more.



You don’t need a partner!
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Meet friends, learn to dance, realize your true potential! Swing dance your way to health!

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